Fine-Art Video


"Everyone Needs A Fantasy"  - Andy Warhol



Q. What IS a conceptual portrait anyway?

A. I like to think about it as simply making magic available to anyone to view.

Technically speaking, a concept is an idea or thought, so a "conceptual portrait" is an "idea portrait."  In my case, I am using photography to make a story come to life. It's all about having an imagination and thinking outside the box, no matter how large or small.


Q. And the "fine-art" part?

A. The definition of fine-art is: "concerned primarily with the creation of beautiful objects." It is a creative, visual art with its main purpose being for the imaginative, aesthetic or intellectual content. 

I am also employing techniques from my painting background, ie: color theory, painting strokes, blending, textures, etc. to create the final pieces.

So, together we will CREATE a visually BEAUTIFUL image that tells a STORY with the subject being YOU.


Q. What do I wear? 

A. I will hand hold you every step of the way through this. It's really dependent upon what direction we decide on for our concept. I have wardrobe available and I may be able to make something work that you already have or we can create things on the spot (and I can also create later on in Photoshop too). 


Q. Do I need to have my own concept?

A. Not at all! I have plenty of ideas. But what I will need your help with is discovering what brings you to your happy place. What inspires you? What makes you feel good? 


Q. Where does this take place?

A. I always love being on location because I think it just energizes everyone and helps put you in the mood. That can be indoors or out. A forest is always a great spot! I know of many fun and quirky locations as well. 

I also have a studio with a green screen - which is like what you see in the movies when they are making Superman fly. 





THE CONCEPT PORTRAITS are what makes Photomuse unique.

Become someone you always wanted to be! Visit a realm you have always wanted to wander through! There is no limit to the imagination!


These fine-art portraits are created exclusively for you and no two sessions are alike. The session begins with a collaboration of ideas towards a conceptual portrait that will allow for an escape from reality into the world of imagination. Props and costumes will most likely be involved, as well as hair & make-up. These sessions are ideal for children as they encourage the freedom to play and be creative and imaginative. 


Conceptual Portraits begin at $800