For those who would rather view than read: VISUAL BIOGRAPHY


Fine-Art & Documentary Photographer. Based in Brooklyn

I spent my childhood engrossed in magic, fairy tales and mythology. My interests all involved the art of seeing things that might not be apparent to everyone else. It came as no surprise that I became a visual artist and that these themes have made an appearance in my fine-art portrait work.

Creativity is my form of communication. Painting, sculpture and later photography, are all tools that allow me to document the thoughts that words may not fully express. 

Originally a painter, I concentrated solely on photography while attending college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. My photography reflects my past work as a painter; producing tactile imagery that is rich and lush and uses multiple layers to create depth. I am the founder of Photomuse, an award-winning, fine-art & documentary wedding & portrait company. Prior to founding Photomuse, I focused on photojournalism and documentary photography while working at Magnum Photos and subsequently as the studio manager for renowned photographers Elliott Erwitt and Ed Kashi.